Accommodation Air Bnb in Olo Tila

Duration differs • 35€ /person

Olo Tila is an idyllic old farmhouse, offering accommodation through Air Bnb. The house can accommodate between 1-10 people. There is a kitchen, bathroom, three rooms, and an idyllic fireplace. The sheets and towels are included in the package.




Duration differs • 8 €

Breakfast can be ordered wholly made or "filled fridge" so you can make your own breakfast when it best suits you. Includes coffee/tea, porridge, eggs, berries, bread, cheese, fruits, juice...



Main Dish

Duration differs • soup 10 € meal 20 €

Food will be made with respecting finnish traditions and considering the seasons. We strive to use local food sources and ingredients from our own farm. Special diets will be taken into account.



Sauna in Olo Tila Resort

150 €

Visit a genuine Finnish sauna in Kurikka, Southern Ostrobothnia. Sauna can be an amazing experience where you can cleanse yourself both physically and spiritually. In the winter you can roll in snow afterwards and on summer nights you can run in the green fields. If you wish to pamper yourself, you can enjoy some sauna-related wellness treatments. You can also enjoy sitting around our lovely fireplace. In this large homemade sauna with a wood burning stove relaxing is natural.



Old Fashioned Bathing Tub Experience

Duration differs • 150 €

Enjoy a relaxing bath under the stars in the warm water of a wooden tub. Olo Tila Resort in Kurikka in Southern Ostrobothnia is a perfect place to relax and spend some time with friends or family.



Morning Jog, Stretching and "Tweaking"

Duration differs • 200€ / 1,5h

Excercising considering the weather and seasonal changes. Includes a jog, stretching, and breathing excercises. The goal is to get your body moving. min. 6 - max. 10 people.



Fysiotherapy and Osteopathy Services

Duration differs • 80 € / 60 min.

Call 0503782222 to book an appointment. Over 25 years experience :-) Tiina



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